Live Stream

Players, Coaches, & Parents!

You can watch every practice & game played from the Kansas City Soccer Dome and with LiveBarn!

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LiveBarn allows you to…

  1. Watch every game LIVE or On-Demand from your mobile device, tablet or computer
  2. On-Demand feature allows you to watch and re-watch for 30 days after the game or practice
  3. Our new feature allows 30-second highlight clips to be downloaded directly to your phone or device
  4. Download full games to re-watch and clip for highlight videos
  5. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook ! @LiveBarnSports
  6. Submit highlights directly to LiveBarn for Plays of the Week


When you subscribe to LiveBarn, you can stream unlimited video from any LiveBarn venue for $18.95/month and may cancel at any time.

Please share this with other parents, grandparents or anyone else who might not be able to attend games regularly.

For more information, visit and don’t forget to tag and follow us on social media @LiveBarnSports