House Rules

FIFA rules in affect unless otherwise noted.


FieldAge GroupPlayersRoster Size
Quality Plumbing IncU64 v 412
Quality Plumbing IncU74 v 412
Quality Plumbing IncU84 v 412
Quality Plumbing IncU95 v 5 + GK15
Quality Plumbing IncU105 v 5 + GK15
Quality Plumbing IncU115 v 5 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldU126 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldU136 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldU14Boys: 5 v 5, Girls: 6 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldU15Boys: 5 v 5, Girls: 6 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldU16Boys: 5 v 5, Girls: 6 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldU17Boys: 5 v 5, Girls: 6 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldU18Boys: 5 v 5, Girls: 6 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldU19Boys: 5 v 5, Girls: 6 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldAdult Coed3 women 3 men + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldAdult Women6 v 6 + GK18
HealthyLooks FieldAdult Men5 v 5 + GK18
Quality Plumbing IncAdult Men4 v 4 + GK18
Quality Plumbing IncAdult Coed2 Women + 2 Men + GK18


All participants must complete a waiver of liability form. All participants in the league assume the risk of injury. The Kansas City Soccer Dome, its volunteers, and employees shall not be liable for any injury to person, loss or damage to personal property arising from or in any way resulting from participation in the league.


Players may not register for more than 1 team in the same league, unless Team Managers have received written approval from the Kansas City Soccer Dome Committee. Rosters must be submitted, and a waiver form must be signed before any player may take the field. Rosters must be finalized, and no changes are allowed after the 2nd game for all the teams in that particular league. Once the rosters are finalized no changes may be made, except by approval of the Kansas City Soccer Dome Committee. The Kansas City Soccer Dome Committee may allow changes to a team roster if that team would otherwise not be able to field enough players each week due to injury, illness, players moving, or other special circumstances.  Each player must play in at least one game prior to a playoff game to be eligible for playing in the playoffs. No player who is not on your roster and signed a waiver form may play in the league.

U.S. youth soccer age groups are organized by birth-year. The youth soccer calendar now runs from January to December, rather than August to July as it had previously. Youth soccer teams are required to register and play in the age group of the oldest registered player. For example a roster with 8 U11 players and 3 U12 players must play in the U12 age group.


Individuals are expected to play under control and within the rules of the game, and to the best of their ability to avoid causing injury to themselves and other persons using the facility. Please view our Code of Conduct Policy. A  team may start a game with a minimum of 4 players.


U6-U8 a size 3 ball will be used

9-U12 a size 4 ball will be used

U13-Adult a size 5 ball will be used


Each team may substitute players freely; provided that:

(a) Players must substitute off the field of play, within the Touch Line, or in their Team Bench and

(b) A 2-Minute Penalty will be given if their Team’s Bench Door is not locked or substitution is made in opposing Team Bench. Guarantee subs only on periods

(beginning of each quarter or half) and after goal scores.


All players on a team must have jerseys or shirts of the same color. In case of matching colors with two teams, the Visiting Team shall be responsible for providing an alternate Jersey Color. The Visiting Team shall be the second team on the schedules. The Goalkeeper wears jersey colors distinguished from all other field players and from the Referees. No Jewelry! Shin guards are mandatory for Youth play and recommended for adult play. Cleats are not allowed, only tennis shoes, turf shoes or flat soled shoes.


Adults – Duration of games are four 12-Minute Running Time Periods. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, a 5-minute “Golden Goal” Overtime Period follows. If, in a playoff, the game is still tied, a 5-player MASL Style Shoot-out takes place (Final Game Only).

Youth – Duration of games are two 24-Minute Running Halves. If, in a playoff, the game is tied at the end of regulation, a 5-minute “Golden Goal” Overtime Period follows. If the game is still tied, a 5- player MASL Style Shoot-out takes place (Final Game Only).


A Kickoff from the Center Mark starts play at the beginning of each Period, Half and after every goal. A Player who starts play may not again touch the ball until it touches another player. The Home Team takes the Kickoff for the First Half Kickoff. The ball can be played any direction from kickoffs.

All starts, and restarts are Direct Free Kicks on Domino’s Field.

All out-of-bounds kicks or kickoffs are In-Direct Kicks on Quality Plumbing Inc Field.

The Player has 5 seconds to put the ball in play after the Referee sets the ball or blows the whistle. A team receives a Direct Free Kick after stoppages other than Dropped Ball. Before the team takes the Direct Free Kick, the ball must be stationary. Players in possession of the ball must ask for 10 feet. All opposing players are at least 10 feet from the spot of the Direct Free Kick. Delay of game – the player has 5 seconds to put the ball in play from when the ball is placed. If the 5 seconds elapsed, the other team will have the ball at that point.

If neither team has a clear possession of the ball at a stoppage, the Referee restarts play with a Dropped Ball. A Dropped Ball caused while the ball is inside the Penalty Box takes place at the top Penalty of the arch.  An unintentional handball in the box will result in a direct kick from the top of the arc. A 3-Line Violation occurs when the goalie propels the ball in the air across the two 3-Lines and the Halfway Line toward the opponent’s Goal without touching the Perimeter Wall, another player or a Referee on the Field of Play. A Superstructure Violation occurs when the ball contacts any part of the building above the field of play. The ball will be placed on the sideline even with the out of play violation.

Heading is not allowed for youth games played on Quality Plumbing Field. A Direct-Free Kick will be issued to the opposing team if a player heads the ball.


For a MASL style shootouts (Final games only)

  1. Any 5 players may take the Shootout.
  2. The ball is placed at the center of the 3-line of the North Goal.
  3. The Goalkeeper has at least one foot on his Goal Line and may not move off it until the Referee whistles the Shootout to begin.
  4. Once the Referee whistles the Shoot to begin, the ball is “in play” and the player taking the Shootout plays the ball.
  5. The attacking team has 5-seconds to score.


Penalty Kick: A Penalty Kick precedes the same as a Shootout except. 1. The player taking the Penalty Kick may not touch the ball again until after touching another player. 2. The ball is placed at the Penalty Spot.


Referees appointed to officiate each game have complete authority on the playing field and their decisions on points of fact connected with the game are final. Officiating will be monitored and assessed periodically, and management will always provide quality officiating at the Kansas City Soccer Dome. Constructive comments regarding officials is welcomed and encouraged. Please submit any concerns in writing. Management will not overturn any calls made by the referee during the game. If a team suspects an illegal player or other illegal activity associated with the other team, they should inform management immediately. Only team captains/coaches may address the referee during time-outs.


A Blue Card is a two-minute penalty having your team play down a player until the two minutes is reached or the other team scores. You can receive a blue card from the following: a) Too many players on the field b) Incorrectly subbing—must wait until player is near sideline. c) SPITTING on the field. d) Encroachment- before the ball is played and only after attacking team asks for the ten feet. If the team asks for ten feet—must start ball off the whistle. e) Team’s bench door is not shut and locked. f) Slide-Tackling. If a player receives three (3) 2 minute penalties (Blue Card) in one match, a red card will be issued along with the third 2-minute penalty (Blue Card)


The player does not play the following week, excludes bye weeks. Nor can the player play in any league until the red card is served. Players/coaches may be ejected after the game is over. If a player/coach plays or coaches another team, they cannot participate in that game until they have served their current suspension. Two red cards within the same session result in the individual ejection from the league. This player will not be allowed in the bench area.

Automatic Red Card Ejection: a) Fighting on the field or in the facility will result in a suspension (starting at 2 weeks or two games, which ever is greater, excludes bye weeks) depending on the severity of the situation. Management will decide upon the length of suspension. b) SPITTING TOBACCO, GUM, OR SUNFLOWER SEEDS ON OR OFF THE FIELD. THIS IS FOR SANITARY REASONS.

A player or coach can receive a red card for “foul and abusive language” A player or coach red carded for the offense of “violent conduct” (including, but not limited to: spitting, threatening, continuing rough play, etc.) will be suspended as outlined above. A player or coach red-carded for “assaulting an official” will automatically be suspended from any further activities at the Kansas City Soccer Dome. Should a coach of a team be unable to control a player’s actions after a red card is issued, the coach will also be suspended as outlined above. A player jumping from the player box onto the field to break up or participate in a fight will automatically be ejected from the game and will be subject to the same penalties as outlined above. A player red carded for the offense “persistent infraction” of the rules after receiving three blue cards will be suspended as outlined above.

After receiving a red card, player must leave the facility/property immediately. 

Referees or management may at any time check the names and birth dates of players prior to the start of the game or after any game.


There will be no rescheduling of games. Teams will be allowed to make 2 scheduling requests per session ONE WEEK in advance from the start of the session. These requests must be done in writing on the registration form and must be submitted to Management upon final registration and prior to schedules being made. After this time, we cannot guarantee your request will be processed. A team forfeiting 3 games in one session will result in the termination of the team from that session. All fees will need to be paid prior to registering for another session or team. (Team members from that team cannot play if the team is not paid in full). Any team no-show will result in a 4-0 victory for the opposing team and no rescheduled game will be given.


The intention to file a protest must be noted in writing within 24 hours. A formal written protest with a $50 fee (refundable if upheld) must be submitted to the Kansas City Soccer Dome within 24 hours after the end of the game.  The Dome management will review and have the final authority on all protests. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY MANAGEMENT ARE FINAL. Only violations of the law of the game, rules or guidelines of the facility as published are matters for protest. Any protests regarding the fielding of illegal players must be brought to the attention of the game officials prior to the suspected players leaving the field of play.


Management will keep track of league standings and will keep them posted in the facility and online. Standings will be kept as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.


The order will be by: total points, head-to-head competition (only if 2 teams are tied) most wins, fewest goals against, overall goal differential, most goals scored, coin flip.


At the conclusion of a game, period, or half, the clock will be set allowing the teams to visually track the two-minute period. The clock will not be stopped; the starting lineup for each team must be prepared to begin play when the pre-game minutes have expired. If the pre-game minutes have expired and a team has too many players on the field, a two-minute penalty may be issued for delay of game. Except in the case of an unusual delay, determined by the Referee, the Game Clock counts continuously through each Half, Period or Overtime.


  1. Any person caught vandalizing will be prosecuted.
  2. No alcohol can be brought in or out of the facility.
  3. Anyone striking/threatening a referee or employee of the Kansas City Soccer Dome is subject to a permanent suspension and will have a police report filed.
  4. Anyone throwing any object (Water, etc) will be suspended
  5. Spectators throwing objects onto the field will be suspended for 1 year and the game will result in a forfeit.
  6. Any person suspected by management of being intoxicated or under the influence will not be allowed to take the field and asked to leave.
  7. To hold your spot for the next session, deposits are due by the 4th game of the current session.
  8. All league dues are payable on or before the first game of the new session.
  9. Only coaches and players are allowed on the bench area. All spectators must remain outside the field of play.
  10. Anyone playing in an age-categorized division will be required to provide proof of age on their team roster before their first game of the session.
  11. Playing the ball while you are “down” on the surface is considered a dangerous play and will result in a free kick to the other team.
  12. Absolutely no sliding with or without the ball. Only Exception is in the Goal Box when No Player is within Ten (10) feet.
  13. The referee at their discretion may stop the running clock for an injury or the case of an unusual delay in the final two (2) minutes of regulation or overtime.
  14. All U6-U8 leagues must retreat behind half-field when the opposing team has a goal kick.
  15. In U6-U8 leagues, when a direct handball in front of the goal occurs, an un-contested shot from half field mark will be awarded. Players from both teams will need to stand behind the shot taker.